DIY Bath Salt Soak & Scrub

Simple at-home spa treatment for a Spring skin refresh. 

Salt Scrub / Soak

Salt Scrub / Soak

  • Find a pretty jar with a lid (about 12 oz capacity). We used a simple Ball jar with a wide lid.
  • Mix and match your favorite scents and natural oils; omit the oil for bath salts

    Recipe (makes 36 oz scrub)
  • 18 oz fine pink himalayan sea salt
  • 18 oz coarse sea salt
  • 4 fl oz oil (jojoba, grape seed, coconut, almond, avocado or any other unscented natural oil)
  • 5 fl oz rosemary essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon chopped rosemary, optional (dried lavender buds, lemon thyme, blah blah)


  • Mix ingredients in bowl and spoon into jars
  • Personalize with a unique label for gifting (consider adding an inspirational quote or note to the recipient)
Sarah Flynn